Car Headlight Lens Restoration System Professional Restorer Polishing Tool Kit

Car Headlight Lens Restoration System Professional Restorer Polishing Tool Kit

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Yellow Off Headlight Lens Cleaner Restoration Wipe Shine Polisher DIY Restorer

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DIY Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to eliminate the worst cases of headlight degradation, yellowing,oxidation, and scratches from your headlight.
It includes everything needed to restore the cloudiest lenses.Get great result on most plastic lenses, such as tail light,trailer,boat windows,helmet visors, motorcycle windscreens, snowmobiles and more.
Preparation: Clean the headlight lenses with water. Mask off the area surrounding the lenses to avoid scratches on nearby painted surfaces.
1. Sanding: Wet the sanding disc and attach it to the backer pad. Sand with three different grits to completely remove the heavy yellowing fading, and corrision.
note- Use the sanding discs from coarse to fine:P800->P1200->P2000. Not doing so will result in restoration failure.
2.Polishing: Attach the orange sponge disc to the backer pad and apply the polish paste. Polish the lenses until shine is restored to its original condition.
note- For better results, use an electric buffer or polisher. If polishing by hand, Polish with no less than 200 circular strokes clockwise.
3.Protection: Clean the headlight lenses and make sure the lenses is dry before the protection step. Use the white sponge disc provided in the kit. Evenly apply the protect liquid on the surface of lenses. After apply it, stay for 10-15 minutes to let the liquid flow evenly itslef. Then dry it in direct sunlight immediately(1 to 2 hours is suggested.) If not, dust and other dirt will adhere to protect liquid due to its viscosity, which will affect the brightness of the headlight.
note- Pls must avoid any sunlight when apply the protect liquid on headlight(very important).After step 3, leep the lenses dry. Do not wash car in 24 hours.
Package Included
2 x P800 Sanding Discs
2 x P1200 Sanding Discs
2 x P2000 Sanding Discs
1 x Sponge Disc (Orange)
2 x 40g Polishing Paste
2 x 3.0mL Protection Liquid
1 x Masking Tape (300 x 2 cm)
1 x Backer Pad (M10 Thread)
1 x Adapter
1 x Sponge Disc (White)


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Car Headlight Lens Restoration System Professional Restorer Polishing Tool Kit

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