1999-2003 7.3 POWERSTROKE BIGBOOST! turbo upgrade MPG

1999-2003 7.3 POWERSTROKE BIGBOOST! turbo upgrade MPG


End Date: Saturday Apr-13-2019 7:11:19 PDT
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This system is designed for the 99-03 7.3 Powerstroke ONLY.  BIGBOOST! allows you to increase the boost of your stock or modified turbo 20-50% in less than 15 minutes!!!  The BIGBOOST! system will do this without any check engine codes, leaves no traceable codes in the computer, and prevents the computer from de-fueling the engine with the added boost...with all these problems prevented (with the increased boost) more fuel will then be added resulting in power gains you can feel as well as see.  This requires no programming or extensive mechanical work...you can actually install this kit in less time than it takes to change your oil!  Performance increases will vary with different combinations of aftermarket parts but all applications will see gains in boost, acceleration, MPG,throttle response, and/or HP!!!

You can't get more bang for your buck than this!!  BIGBOOST! is the fastest and easiest performance upgrade you will ever make to your 7.3 Powerstroke diesel.  This product will not fix problems you might already have-it only maximizes the potential of a fully functional turbo with power gains you won't believe could be so easy or so economical!  I actually use this product on my personal truck and have spent years developing and perfecting it...now I have all the details worked out and you can experience the same performance gains I have worked so long on!!!  Will ship overseas with confirmed Paypal payment...no other payment type allowed for consumer safety!!! 

Gains of 2%-15% in mpg have been reported by satisfied customers who have used this product long enough to see the added benefits associated with increased intake air flow and boost.  Get rid of some of that smoke and put your wasted fuel to good use-extra power on demand and economy as an added value!!!


I know it's ridiculous to have to post this but some people just don't read the ad or get it. Picture of turbo is for reference only...second pic is actual product. Thanks and sorry for the trouble for those of you who actually read the ads!!!


C.P.-"Can't figure how this damn thing works but it does any other tricks let me know I've done all big stuff 100 hp injectors cold air intake exhaust edge chip it runs great just always want more"

M.H.-"Amazing power differance thanks a bunch!!!!! Highly recomended!!!!!!!!!!"

G.B.-"This thing works!!! No turbo lag!!! It's crazy!!"

D.W.-"They had great communication and very fast shipping. The product was perfect!"

J.K.-"4 mpg better with a light foot,fast shipping thx"

R.M.-"Turbo spools 5 psi higher worth every penny. AAAAA++++++"

S.P.-"Very impressed easy to use and it works!"

B.B."installs in 60 seconds, worth every penny for performance and gas mileage"

P.W.-"As described and more, fast shipping, easy install, thanks, 5 star ebayer thanks"

D.L.-"A good kick in the pants for the buck + more mpg,can't go wrong with this thing!"

S.J.P.-"From 1 performance guy to another- Impressed with your product. Recommended."

J.H.-"...increased my fuel mileage over 2 mpg"!

L.T.-"...love the responsiveness plus I'm getting more out of a fill-up!"

M.J.-"...I know it's not the purpose of Bigboost but just wanted to let you know that my MPG has gone from 14 to 17.  Thanks for such a great product!"

M.W.-"Gained 2.5 mpg and wow the turbo comes on alot stronger-thanks!"

G.K.-"Awsome product and works on the Aussie Trucks too!!! Highly recommend upgrade!"

N.B.-"Great seller!!  Every Ford turbo diesel needs this part!!!  MPG, HP increase!!"

K.S.-"Unbelievable difference in take-off..."

S.K.-"Tons of power, I pull a 18000lb trailer, 0-60 is much better"!

H.B.-"...increased my boost from 22psi to 32 psi!"

W.R.-"WOW!  That's all I can say!  As promised this was an awesome buy!!!!!!!!!!"

W.C.-"...wasted alot more money on other products with far less results."

W.C.-"...felt the change in performance immediately!"

P.G.-"This thing pulls stronger than I ever thought possible!  ...any more products?"

T.F.-"...really simple and easy installation.  I couldn't believe the change in my truck!"

R.S.-"Wow I received the item today and installed it in a few minutes like you said and it increased the boost by double!"

T.C.-"Fast shipping, AWESOME PRODUCT!  This thing works, PERIOD!  Telling all my friends"

F.H.-"Boost went from 16 to 24psi.  It is awesome!  Best bang for the buck."

S.P.-"what a product!!!  immediate increases in boost and HP unbelievable bargain"

P.H.-"how much for 5 shipped to XXXXX?"

T.H.-"Incredible item!  Fast shipping!!  Thank you!!!"

Guys (and girls!)-I'm keeping the price lower than the original listing for a limited time.  Previously I had this listed for $99 but could sense the skepticism...I just want to get BIGBOOST! out in the market and prove to everyone that it doesn't always take a whole week-end to gain 30-60 HP!!!  I have minimal overhead and am able to do this for that reason only.  Power and acceleration you can feel is always the best indicator-don't rely on the #s!!!

 FAST SHIPPING!!!  Same day* processing and shipping!!!

REMEMBER-Shipping charges are for shipping AND handling when providing feedback!


Alternate shipping methods may be used for faster delivery

*Holiday and weekend exceptions-shipped next available day.


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